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Quantum health is all about energy healing, new innovative technologies and information that focus on effectively restoring one's health safely, effectively, and harmoniously in a format based on frequency, vibration, and energy that the works with the body as nature intended.

Discovered in Australia, Bowen therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that reboots the nervous system like a computer. Bowen harmoniously re-integrates the network of communication within the body that is necessary for the body to heal properly.  The result are astounding!  It's one of the only techniques I've ever seen that that is able to do this and the speed at which Bowen therapy is able help heal the body is miraculous.



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About Dr greg Ling DC

Licensed as a chiropractor since 1997, Dr. Greg soon moved his focus to vibrational healing. Faced with terminal cancer in early 2002, there was nowhere to turn but the healing of one's self through angelic healing, the power of positive thought, meditation, energy work and frequency-based medicine.
Studying Rife technology and vibrational medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Ling has been able to transform lives and give a quality of life many people were not thought possible.


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800 East Ellis Road, Suite 202, Norton Shores, MI, 49441


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